The Academy currently offers two state-accredited study programs:  ‘Theology,’ and ‘Church Music,’ as well as non-formal education of church workers and the opportunity to attend select courses of interest for credit or simply Audit a course without receiving credit.

Currently all study programs on offer at the Academy are in Latvian, but we are working towards being able to offer them in English as well.

Bachelor in Theology (BTh) program ‘Theology’

This 4 year undergraduate program offers an opportunity to pursue an academic education based in the Christian faith and Lutheran tradition. Students gain both theoretical knowledge of Biblical, and systematic theology, and Lutheran articles of faith, as well as understanding and skills in courses offering practical theology.

The program is made so that after the first year a student may become a candidate to become an evangelist at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia and after successful completion – a graduate has a state-accredited and Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia-recognized theological and practical education that is required for executing the duties of an ordained minister, as well as providing a pathway into Graduate studies.

Professional Bachelor program ‘Church Music’

This 4 year undergraduate program prepares Church workers, which under the supervision of an ordained minister lead and shape the life of the congregation according to the teachings of the Church and have the skills to conduct a choir, play musical instruments, provide the necessary musical accompaniment to liturgy, and devise a plan for developing musically-liturgical work.

The curriculum includes both theoretical and practical courses and examinations.

Education program ‘Church Worker’

The educational program ‘Church Worker’ gives the opportunity to receive theological education necessary for serving as an evangelist, lector, deaconate worker, Sunday school teacher as well as fulfilling other callings to serve in a congregation. Around 75% of the curriculum is composes of Biblical, and systematic theology, and the rest – courses of practical theology corresponding to the chosen focus of the student.

The program is meant for people who wish to expand their horizons of learning, yet cannot yet undertake or do not wish to yet engulf on a fully-fledged academic journey. Thus, the study process is elastic and tailored to the availability of the students, allowing them to choose courses of interest to them to be studied on site or online for approximately 2-3 evenings a week. This program is an excellent opportunity for each person to understand and grasp more fully God’s call towards a specific kind of ministry, including the opportunity to continue studies in the BTh program to enter the track for ordained ministry.

Taking Select Courses for Credit

In addition to the organized educational tracks, the Academy also offers the opportunity to take select courses of interest for credit. Students that attend lectures, submit work and pass exams in their chosen courses are then awarded the Academic Credit for that course that can count towards a full degree that includes an equivalent or similar course as the one taken. Taking a select course is subject to availability and a course fee, and each application is reviewed individually and can be made by contacting the Academy.

Students not wishing to submit work for a course can audit a course – this allows them to attend lectures without receiving academic credit after the end of the course. Auditing a course is allowed for donations and can be arranged by contacting the Academy.