The Application is Now Open for the 2021 Spring Semester Online Courses in English ‘Introduction to Church History’ and ‘Philosophy for Theologians’

Based on the great interest and demand for the 2020 Autumn Semester online English course ‘Introduction to Theology’ taught by the Rev. Dr. Charles Cortright, we at the Luther Academy together with our partners at the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod announce with great joy that we are offering two additional online courses in English for the Spring Semester of 2021.

The course ‘Introduction to Church History’ will be taught by the Rev. Dr. Charles Cortright on Mondays starting the 25th of January and will give the opportunity to engage with important developments in the Early Church that continue to be relevant for theological debates today. The other course of the 2021 Spring Semester, ‘Philosophy for Theologians,’ will be taught by the Rev. Dr. Guntis Kalme on Thursdays starting the 28th of January, and it will cover a wide range of topics that will both help create a foundation in philosophical understanding through the reading of various philosophers throughout the ages, as well as show how philosophy can help shape conversations about Christian belief and practice.

Lectures of both courses start at 18:30 Riga time (GMT+2) and will last approximately 2 hours each, including opportunities for Q&A and breaks, with both courses ending in May.

Each of the two Spring Semester courses have a study fee of 50 EUR, and payment can be made via bank transfer (see bank account details here) – more information will be provided upon admission into the course(s). Concessions to the study fee, as well as a fee-exemption status are available, and this can also be specified in the application form. Each case will be evaluated individually and we will contact you regarding the process, including if we require any additional information.

Applications to the 2021 Spring Semester Online Courses in English are now closed. Each application will be reviewed and a decision regarding each admission sent out electronically until the 13th of January.

In case of any questions regarding the course or technical help regarding the application procedure, please contact us at this email:

In addition to these two courses, there will also be an opportunity for philosophy tutorials taught by the Rev. Dr. John Bombaro, as a free, one-hour weekly tutorial designed to provide students taking “Philosophy for Theologians” with a survey of the sources and patterns of philosophical activity which underlie the major developments in the intellectual history of Western culture from Thales to Derrida, with a view to understand the backgrounds of contemporary patterns of thinking and their bearing on Christian orthodoxy. More information on this will be posted in February of 2021.

Meanwhile, we continue work at translating and renewing course content, seeking out the best lecturers and other administrative and practical matters so that, Godwilling, starting with the Autumn Semester of 2021, we may offer the full Bachelor of Theology (BTh) program ‘Theology’ in English in online form.

To God be all the glory, amen!