Visiting the Library

We kindly ask you to contact the Librarian in advance to arrange a visit to the library:

Iveta Krumina
Phone: (+371) 29466511

Library History

The Academy library was founded in 1998 and currently holds around 25 000 books and periodicals on Theology, Church and Theological History, Philosophy, Ethics, Psychology, World Religions, General and Culture History, as well as miscellaneous literature. The online catalogue (ProCite) currently holds 19 000 volumes. Using the system offered by Bishop Jobst Schone, we have classified the library books in line with the study needs of our students.

In 1999 the library received a sizable book donation of the Rev. Dr. Edmund Schlink from Germany, including the Weimar edition of the Works of Martin Luther. Invaluable to the library is the body of books collected by the Rev. Dr. Roberts Feldmanis over his lifetime, from which the Latvian Church History (over 900 volumes), and the Latvian Overall History and Foreign Mission History sections are chiefly composed of. Among other generous donations, a special thanks is in order to the Latvian exile minister Rev. Modris K. Gulbis for establishing our library foundation and the daughter of the Rev. Janis Sanders, Elena Sanders Snyder, for her charitable care through which the library has added the newest Biblical commentaries and theology books in English to its collection.