The Luther Academy is an official state-accredited higher education institution founded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. With teaching based upon the Christian faith in the Lutheran tradition, the Academy encourages and prepares people to fulfill their calling from God.

The Academy was founded in 1997 with the purpose to prepare ordained ministers and other church workers for Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. In doing so, it continues the tradition of the theology seminary founded by Archbishop Janis Matulis after WWII.

The Academy currently offers two state-accredited study programs:  ‘Theology,’ and ‘Church Music,’ as well as non-formal education of church workers and the opportunity to attend select courses of interest for credit or simply Audit a course without receiving credit after completing a course.

Currently all study programs on offer are in Latvian, but we are actively working towards being able to offer them in English as well.

Studies at the Academy include fellowship and prayer.